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7 dresses by Tiffany Stanford - Award winning designer and finalist at the Midlands Fashion Awards. Tiffany has incorporated knowledge and skills from both professions of designer and image consultant to create the concept of 7 dresses, for 7 days of the week, for 7 different body shapes, to wear at 7 different occasions and available in 7 different sizes. Tiffany says, “My 7 dresses designs are classic, stylish, won’t date and will flatter all different body shapes, with ¾ sleeves to cover bingo wings and finish, above the knee, at the knee and below the knee to flatter most leg lengths, they can be worn day to evening for Ladies of any age, shape and size.”  


“The dresses are available in the ever popular and flattering black and red, the worlds most flattering colours. I will enjoy seeing a variety of Ladies wearing my designs that you can wear from season to season, looking fabulous and feeling amazing because a fabulous dress is an instant outfit!”

Do you have a different sized bottom and top body shape? We offer all dresses in your unique sized bottom and top halves if required!

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